Food Approved Silicon Moulds

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During the shows we attend we will be demonstrating our moulds 

How To Use Our Moulds


 How To Order 
Please choose the products you want and send me an email to
I will then respond with the total price including postage.
You can pay using Direct Deposit to our Bendigo Bank Account name Lynne Gylys  BSB 633000 A/C 137620159 
or by Credit Card over the phone - 0400 582 031
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 Kit 1  $48  includes 3D Blossom $19, Cup-Cake Blossom $15  & Bed of Roses $15. Plus 35 minute Dvd $7.  Saving $8    
Kit 2  $29  includes Camelia Rose with Leaf $19, Large Frangipani $12 and Small Daisy $6. Saving $8
Kit 3 $45  includes Easy Rose & Leaf $19, Extra Large Frangapani $19, Gerbera $15.  Saving $8
Kit 4 $29  includes Mini Flowers $15, Lace Embossing Mould $15 & Small Frangipani $7. Saving $8


















Petal Dust
Food Approved
Just dry brush onto fondant icing.



Petal Dusts
Can be blended to create new colour .
For example mix Lemon Yellow and Fuchsia for a lovely tangerine
then add white Shimmer for a satin sheen.
These colours can be made into a paint by adding a few drops of
 alcohol such as vodka or cake decorators rose spirit. 
                                                                                                                                        When applying dusts use sparingly and when your icing flower is set.
3D Blossom Instructions

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